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01. Why Start an Online Business
Why should you start a business on the internet? I believe you should. Read this article to see why.:
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13. Building Your Online Business Website Part 3
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"Advertising on the Edge"

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Advertising and spamming are two totally different things but most business owners have no clear idea about the basic differences between these two. Spamming will do nothing except alienate both your new and existing customers.

Any internet marketing campaign that is well planted can help you attract new customers every day, plus it also greatly helps in keeping the existing customers devoted. Thus spamming can be extremely dangerous and devastating for your business as it badly damages the profit margins of business owners. This article will take a look at a few essential Internet marketing strategies such as banner ads, email campaigns and message board posts and describes how each can swiftly cross the line from clever advertising to spam.

One of the most popular ways of giving boom to an internet marketing plan is the idea of "Banner Ads". Simply put, banner ads are those ads which a user typically sees at the top of a website. You can identify banner ads easily as they are not so small in width, just like a real world banner they can span the whole width of the website. Banner ads come in variety of different sizes and shapes which can appear anywhere on the website. No doubt, a standard banner ad appears at the top and has full width but the options for variety are many.

Business owners purchase advertising spaces on the websites which attract heavy traffic but banner ads may also be placed as part of an exchange or an affiliate marketing campaign. Banner ad exchange is actually a result of agreement between two business owners. It is a situation in which one business owner posts a banner ad on their website in exchange for another business owner posting their banner ad on the other website. You don't have to own a well established company in order to make such agreement. A simple individual webmaster can reach such agreement with any other individual webmaster. Banner ads are a great way of attracting heavy traffic to your website and affiliates are using this world wide to get ultimate success. The terms of these agreements are determined beforehand and are generally based on a scale of pay per impression, pay per click or pay per sale or lead.

Banner ads can be overused in a way that they look like a perfect spam and that can be dangerous. If you are placing your ads on websites that attract the audiences of your domain, you are indeed taking smart marketing steps. But be cautious! You are crossing spamming line if you are placing your ads on websites that are totally different from what you are offering and which do not attract users of your domain.

If internet users find your ads everywhere on the web they will not take your products and your business seriously. Obviously the ads at totally odd places look awkward and such ads always remain unable to attract the visitors. Such banner ads totally remain unable to make internet users buy the product.

Another big advertising method for your online business is Email Marketing or Email campaigns. Email marketing is actually a process in which affiliates send e-newsletters to their subscribers periodically. Newsletters contain interesting articles about the products along with advertisements. They have informative email courses or emails offering discounts on products and services. Any loyal customer who is on your email list will never consider it as spam. He will read it with interest and may forward it to friends so you can imagine how this can give boom to your website traffic flow and sales rate.

This marketing strategy is best for those who need extra information on your products and services. If you are sending newsletters to those who did not request it, you will definitely be thought as a spammer by such recipients. If you are getting email ids in a deceptive way and sending mass emails to all of these non subscribers, you are openly doing an act of spamming.

Last but not least, message boards are another excellent way of obtaining free advertising. It is a more focused advertising technique as it will be noticed only by the members of the target audience. Always join the message boards related to the niche you are offering. If you are just trying to make your place on message boards that are totally different as compared to your niche, you are only wasting your precious time. Do this right and you will find many new audiences for your niche related websites. Simply add the link to your website in your signature or you can post it during conversation if moderator allows doing this. Always closely follow the guidelines of message boards as they may consider you a spammer if you post a link during conversation. If you are replying to every related and non related thread with a link inside the post, you are definitely committing an act of spamming. If people start thinking you as a spammer they will never visit the website you are advertising.

Provided By: Igor Griffiths
I have been online since 1998 and have been travelling as an Internet Marketer since 2006. I have undergone the pain and frustrations that most of you are either experiencing or have broken away from. I have learned some valuable lessons and would love you to benefit from my experiences. I would really like to see and hear you change your life by using the lessons my mentors and I provide.
Website Address: www.igor-griffiths.com/

This Article is a Private Label Rights (PLR) Article and you may freely have a copy on your web site provided you keep the above provided by signature intact (In content advertisement not required).

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