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03. Example List Of Businesses You Could Start
List of Businesses That You Can Start And Run. This List Includes Both Online And Offline Businesses:
The below list is by no means the definitive list but should be enough, hopefully, to get your imagination going. I wanted to show you this list before proceeding to the next series of article's where we will disover what you need to consider before selecting your niche. A B C D E F G H ...

18. Marketing - Should You Market Your Website Yourself Or Outsource it?
Should You Attempt Internet Marketing By Doing It Yourself Or Outsource It?:
Why is Internet Marketing Important? Very rarely do the people who visit your website remember its URL. In fact the most common way to get to a website is either by using a search engine or by clicking on an online advertisement or on a link. Thus, internet marketing is crucial to the amount ...

06. Crunch Time, Self Evaluation, Should You?
Should You Start An Online Business? Things To Reconsider Before You Do:
You have finally decided to take the inevitable plunge and go in for an online business to begin a new career. It is great to take this step by applying your life's experiences and your passion for doing what you always wanted to do. Frankly, your subconscious mind and aptitude considered all pros...

08. How to Prepare a Business Plan
How To Prepare A Basic Business Plan For A Small Business Sole Propritor:
There are three most important criteria for measuring success in any venture. Firstly a "Plan" must be conceived followed by objective and clear cut practical steps to achieve that plan. Thirdly it is paramount to blueprint the exact critical path approach to get to your target goal of d...

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"How to Build a Website and Blog That Get Lots of Traffic"

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

You are a Million dollar writer if you can wrap your head around the idea that what you have learned throughout the years is an asset. If you consider your hobbies, lifestyle, family, business life, work life, friends and associates you have the makings of being a great Blogger. Blogging started out as an online diary but is now more of a marketing tool (Twitter is the new mini blog). They are many stories out there about the guy who starts a blog and makes a Million dollars in a year.

Well, I am here to tell you that it is possible to have a Million Dollar blog (It is not easy, but it is a possibility). If you really believe you are capable of creating a million dollar blog then it can come into existence with lots of hard work, planning, and proper execution. The battle begins in the mind and you first have to believe that you have the talent and ability to pull it off. Make being a success your vision and use your blog as the tool to reach your goal.

Once you have the correct mindset for blogging the most important thing you can do is invest some time reading other people blogs and start making comments on those blogs. Studying successful people is a blueprint to success. When you are studying & researching other people blogs note their strengths & weaknesses. Your goal is to create a blog topic that you love and that interest you while providing value to your readers. Unique Content + Traffic = Potential Cash Flow.

You can accomplish this goal by using your competitors weaknesses to your advantage by doing everything they do wrong correctly. Every warship has a potential for a leak so if you comb through a Gurus website you will see that flaw that you can exploit to your advantage. One flaw that a lot of Gurus websites have is it is plastered with Advertisement everywhere. My advice to you is to give your readers a better experience on your site by not trying to sell them everything under the sun at one time on the 1st visit. If you don not have lots of traffic, putting tons of ads on your site is just turning off potential clients and making visitors' time on your site shorter. Lots of Ads + No Traffic = Adverting In Vein.

For the most part, people will not tell friends about a website that is pushing products on them without giving them great value & content. Your goal is to get people talking about your site online / offline and standing out in the crowd of Billions of blogs is vital. Think from A-Z how can your blog can stand out in your niche? What is it unique that you can offer others that is not be offered at the moment? If I was a visitor to this website what would make me a happy customer on this site? How can I make my Blog or Website say to people when they find it "Here Is Everything You Were Looking For".

In business, research & development of your products and services is the key to your long term success. You will not accomplish any major milestones (Million Dollar Blog) if you do not understand the market & your competitors inside and out. So forget the naysayers who don not believe you can build a successful company online or blog and generate the wealth you would like. Just understand you will have to put in blood, sweat, & lots of tears before your tree bear fruit. If you have the patience, endurance, & Will nothing can stop you from doing what you want to do in life. No one or nothing can stop you. Do your homework and you can win at the online

Provided By: Shawn K. Castille
Shawn K. Castille is a EBay Power Seller, Infopreneur, Author, Web Designer, Microsoft Certified Professional, A+ Plus Computer Tech, Music Producer, DJ, CEO. He is the author of the books: "Internet Insiders Secrets For Newbie's", "The Hip Hop Producers Bible" and "The Blueprint To American Music".
Website Address: www.startmakingcashnow.com

This Article is a Private Label Rights (PLR) Article and you may freely have a copy on your web site provided you keep the above provided by signature intact (In content advertisement not required).

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