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"How to Get Website Traffic - Effective and Free"

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Website owners need more traffic to their website. For very obvious reason, they need traffic for more visitors to visit their website or want to get traffic to get more sales.

There are a lot more ways to get free website traffic and if you follow these ways, you probably get millions of traffic online that may definitely lead you to bigger sales.

In this article, you may be able to learn how to get free website traffic that you never knew before. Here are they;

1. Forum Posts

Many marketers are signing up on forums to know the needs and wants of people who are interested with their offer. They usually insert their links in the signature box so whenever they make a post, their signature at the bottom part of their content will be included.

2. Classified Posts

When you are offering something on your website, you can simply add your link to classified websites. But not all classified ads accept links. You can find some high rank classified ad sites that accept links.

3. Article Writing and Submissions

No wonder why there are a lot of business people and marketers on net who simply get more traffic to their website. This is because they know the right keywords to use when writing their own articles. Also, they get good traffic from top article submission sites. Your article will be on the front page of the top search engines if you know SEO techniques.

4. Bookmark your content

Almost all of the Social bookmarking websites are free. If you have your content ready, bookmark them on different sites. Just imagine the number of social bookmarking websites we have in the World Wide Web, I think there are thousands of them. If you are patient enough to submit your content, you may get huge free website traffic.

5. Upload your own video for Free

I guess you are using YouTube to watch videos or even upload your own video. Yes, millions of online users visit YouTube, simply because all favorite music videos, interactive travel guides and a lot more that may be needed by people like you were uploaded and contributed by some members of the said video sites. If you happen to upload your own video, include your link to the video description box. In that way, viewers might click your link and from that, you may be able to get free website traffic.

Provided By: Simon A. Stepsys
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