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"Who Is An Article Marketer"

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Friday, February 6, 2009

In order to recognize who is an article marketer, we need to come up with a definition of an article marketer first. Based upon Wikipedias definition, an Article Marketer is a business that advertises by writing brief articles that relate to their type of industry and distributing them. The articles also include a biography of the author and citations and ways to contact the author. Articles that are written well and distributed freely can make the author and their company more credible and create new business.

It should be clear to any person with some business savvy that their job is to make their name and their product recognized by as large a number of people as they can.

A very good illustration of article marketing is Yahoo.com. Yahoo displays some great articles that discuss numerous products, issues and news stories. A closer inspection of the links and articles will reveal that most of them are some form of advertising.

Other great examples of Article Marketers are the Vacation Rentals and the Time Share industries. With the Internet they are able to post articles that talk about their business and the properties they have for rent or for sale. They can flood numerous websites and blogs with links to all their offerings.

Bloggers are the latest fad to come out in the last few years. For example, the World of Warcraft game has grown a tremendous following since it is a virtual world evolving on its own. The game continues to be played at all times. It has a vast following of loyal fans and numerous fan web sites to help promote the game.

This is absolute genius because the company that produces the game, Blizzard, gets free links back to their website and free promotion from fans who discuss the game on their own blogs. Imagine, instead of having to pay for their own advertising, they have a large group of loyal fans who do that for free. This is a prime case Article Marketing success.

Dell is another good example of a corporation who benefits from Article Marketing. Articles talking about Dell computers and hyperlinks to Dellas newest deals can be found all over the Internet. Each and every article represents a great piece of marketing.

Who is an Article Marketer? Once again the best answer to that question is smart business people. In this day and age, your business is nothing if your name is not well known. Get your name out there on a few well-written articles and just watch your sales grow.

Provided By: Roberto Bell
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