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"Writing Your First eBook - My 11 Step Formula"

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Monday, June 28, 2010

The internet gives us the possibility to leverage, develop and market skills that we have developed naturally over the years by turning them into products. There are many products we can create with our knowledge and skills which can be sold online. One such product is an eBook.

An eBook is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in the niche you decide to focus on. As an author you have immediately separated yourself from the people who just talk about it and don't demonstrate any concrete value to their target audience. Writing an eBook is not as difficult as it may seem to the uninitiated, the main thing is to get started.

1. The first step is to sit down and write a list of the things you like to talk about, the things that you have a passion for and are good at.

2. The next step is to choose one of these things that you prefer over the others on your list. The thing that stops people doing any task in life or business is that they look at the task as one large task. Here it is useful to break up the job of wiring an eBook into smaller tasks and do them one thing at a time.

3. Now you have chosen the theme or title for your book the next thing to do is write a list of the top five or the top ten things it is important to know or do to learn or understand the theme or subject. Now you have five or ten titles for your chapters.

4. Now pick one title to start and work on that only and forget about the others for a moment. First thing to do is write a headline. The idea here is to capture the attention of your reader. The headline should be an intro that gives a big picture idea of what you are going to talk about in the chapter. It should be a few lines not too long.

5. Next part is to write a few paragraphs on the subject explaining it in more detail. This should contain information on how the concept idea or specific product factor or quality is useful and how it works.

6. The next step is to talk about the benefits that your audience will get from learning more about it. In this part you can either explain in detail using facts and figures if possible, in the form of another paragraph, or you can use bullet points made up of short sentences containing details about the benefits. Remember here to also focus on the emotional benefits as well as the logical facts and figures. An example of this could be the "What will learning how to cook pasta sauce do for the quality of your dinner party" This is just an example I think you get the point.

7. What you need next are the steps your reader needs to take to learn what it is that you are teaching or explaining. Here you need a list or the five or ten steps to creating the perfect pasta sauce. Again you can write a paragraph or you can use bullet points or numbered points.

8. At this point you should tell a story about an experience you have had or someone else has had related to your subject matter. The story should talk about a problem related again to the subject, where the solution to the problem was to do or use the product or learning we are talking about in this chapter. You should make this story as graphic as possible and bring feeling and emotion into your language. This should be similar in length to your first paragraph where you are explaining what it is all about.

9. The Final part is to create a metaphor around the subject. A metaphor is a way for a person to graphically relate to the benefit of learning the subject by comparing it graphically and internally to another situation they are familiar with. For example here is a metaphor.

Quality Leads are like quality food when you feed your business with quality leads you don't have to use up a lot of energy trying to get the best out of them. When you eat junk food you always find that it is not really doing much for you long term and you always need more. When you eat quality food you feel great, you don't always feel hungry and you feel much fitter, happier, and ready for any challenge. What do top sports people eat? Feeding your Business with quality Leads is one of the most important things you can do.

10. Create a graphic or illustration to help people to understand your metaphor better.

11. Repeat the process for each chapter one at a time.

That is it, as easy as that so get working. Remember that you don't need to write 80 pages first time out. You can make it as short as you want the main thing is that you learn the process. If you follow this guide you will find that it gets easier and easier and you will be able to knock out an eBook in hours with a little practice. I wish you great success and always love to hear how my students are getting on so drop me an e mail to let me know or if you have any questions.

Provided By: Mark John O Reardon
Mark John O' Reardon is a Business Results Coach and Online Marketing Trainer working in the areas of Business Marketing, Personal development, and Business development. He has a background in sales and more than Twelve years experience as a business owner. Mark has spent over six years Training in Marketing, Life and Business Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Online Marketing.
Website Address: www.powerupmarketingireland.com/

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