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"Writing Your Own Ebook Versus Buying Private Label Rights?"

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Whilst we are amidst this dire economic climate, there are many people who are seeking to make their money any way they can. In a vast majority of these cases, many of the individuals, endeavoring to make money, are looking for ways that will allow them to work at their own pace or to be their own boss. It may be that you are one of these individuals and it may also be possible that you have thought about creating and selling ebooks yourself.

Over the past few years, the popularity of ebooks has increased rapidly. Many of the top book stores now have the facility to deliver ebooks. This is great news for the consumer since they can now read their books on their portable devices. From classic ebook novels to romance ebooks and fiction ebooks, the subjects for an ebook library are almost endless.

Because more and more consumers have shown an interest in purchasing ebooks - for the convenience, and, in many cases, because of the cheaper purchase cost - many individuals are now looking to make money from creating their own ebooks. If you are able to do this, you may find success. However, to find success in creating ebooks, it will not come without hard work.

Unless you have created an ebook before, you will find it difficult to understand how much work it actually does entail. You may want to write guides, reports or how-to's, but unless you are an expert in your field, you will have to do research, and this will take a fair amount of time. On the other hand, you may want to write a novel, but to be worth the buy, most ebooks are at least one hundred pages long - with many being longer. Your ebook could take months to complete going down the ebook creation route.

In addition to the hard work of researching and preparing your ebook, you must have writing experience. It is a fact that customers do not, and will not, purchase poor quality work.

As well as writing a quality ebook, you will have to think about ways of selling it. Combining the writing and the marketing, both these aspects could take a very large amount of time. This is, perhaps, why so many budding ebook writers are put off the idea of creating their own ebook, no matter how rewarding creating your own product will be.

If you have your heart set on selling ebooks as a means of income and do not want to trouble yourself with the work involved in creating your own product, there is an alternative. You do not necessarily have to create your own, you can purchase the private label rights to somebody else's creation.

By purchasing the private label rights you will be able - in many cases - to edit the content, assume the work as your own and profit from the sale of each ebook.

Obviously, there are down sides to obtaining Private Label Rights and the biggest of these is the cost required to purchase those rights. Depending on who you are doing business with to purchase your private label rights ebook, this could turn out to be fairly expensive. The more exclusive your supplier is, the higher the cost is going to be also. This is simply because the freelance writers, who will spend a large amount of time creating their ebooks, are going to seek adequate compensation for their time.

Another huge downside to obtaining private label rights to ebooks is the availability. The more available it is, then the more chance that every man and his dog will have also purchased those rights too, thus making it harder to make any sales.

Some say that the higher prices charged by the exclusive freelance writers could be considered a disadvantage to their business opportunity, but others may say that it is a distinct advantage because the freelance writers who charge more for their work will have typically produced better content in their ebooks and the better the content, the easier it will be to sell.

Whether you have decided to create your own ebook or have decided to obtain the private label rights to another's ebook, you will still have to find ways to market the ebook to the general public. In either case, marketing your ebook is going to take time. Purchasing Private Label Rights is preferred by many individuals because they can devote more time to marketing the product, which will obviously create more sales.

As you read through this article, I expect you are wondering whether you should write your own ebook or obtain the private label rights to another. Don't worry, you are not alone. There are many who are wondering the same thing. Writing your own ebook brings many rewards, the main one being the satisfaction of creating your very own product all by yourself. Private label rights are an amazing commodity which can bring amazing business opportunities for some, but remember, this is not for everyone.

There can be great opportunities to obtaining Private Label Rights ebooks, however, after obtaining these rights, you may find that this is not really for you. No worries here! The beauty of trying to make money from this sort of business venture and it not working out, means you can stop whenever you want. Buying the Private Label Rights means they are yours to do with as you wish. You are then free to move on to something else if you so desire.

My advice, if you are tempted to try an ebook business venture, would be to try both scenarios - creating your own ebooks and purchasing PLR - either one could be the start of something very big.

Provided By: Gary Packer
Gary Packer is, by trade, a typesetter and graphic designer. He has owned and run his own typesetting and design company. He has created graphics and typeset for TV, Art Colleges, Art Museums and the Government, along with many other contracts. For a FREE Niche Wordpress Theme visit Great Niche Graphics.
Website Address: www.greatnichegraphics.com/

This Article is a Private Label Rights (PLR) Article and you may freely have a copy on your web site provided you keep the above provided by signature intact (In content advertisement not required).

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