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"Search Engine Optimization Explained"

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Have you ever had search engine optimization explained to you thoroughly? Do you understand it well enough to confidently implement it on your current commercial site and actually expect to see results in a matter of weeks or months? Or do you simply not care about search engine optimization because it has never worked in your experience?

Even if you don't understand search engine optimization in depth, if you can understand the following simple concepts, you will understand how you can generate traffic for free using search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Explained: Concept #1

Search engines rank all pages on a website according to their relevancy in relation to keywords that searchers input. The more inbound links a page has from similar websites of high quality, the better it will rank. And the more relevant the content is on the page, the better it will rank.

Remember, all of this is determined in relation to keywords input by searchers. If a site is relevant for the keyphrase "top hats" and has a significant amount of links from related sites, then it will rank high for that keyphrase whenever a searcher inputs "top hats." This does not mean that it will rank high for other related keyphrases or for unrelated keyphrases.

Search Engine Optimization Explained: Concept #2

Keywords that receive a lot of searches also tend to have a lot of competition. This is also true of keywords that don't receive a lot of searches, but generate a significant amount of revenue per visit.

When targeting keywords for your site, you will want to choose the path of least resistance. This generally entails choosing keywords that receive a lot of searches, but are not competitive.

Search Engine Optimization Explained: Concept #3

Start by picking the low hanging fruit. Begin building a ladder that you will use to reach the higher fruit.

You can pick the low hanging fruit - the keywords that are easy to compete for - by simply building pages that are based around a keyword with traffic, but no competition. And you can build your ladder for the higher fruit by exchanging links with relevant sites and using that keyword in your anchor text.

Provided By: Ray Plumlee
Website Address: http://www.wwwhelper.com

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Search Engine Optimization Explained
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