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11. Building Your Online Business Web Site Part 1
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02. Now That You Have Decided To Start An Online Business, Now What? You Need A Niche Of Course!
You Need A Niche Business! Let me explain why, in these times you need to have a business within a narrow and defined niche.:
The fact that you are reading this article suggests you already possess a very important quality necessary in starting an online business, an Interest or desire. Better yet would be a passion! Now lets turn that interest to focus on your choosing the right business to start. I won't be able to ...

03. Example List Of Businesses You Could Start
List of Businesses That You Can Start And Run. This List Includes Both Online And Offline Businesses:
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16. Plan to Maintain Your Web Site for the Long Haul
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How To Start And Run An Online Business

Article: 05. Using Your Life's Experiences To Build An Online Business

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Various concepts were discussed in previous articles on starting a business - either "online" or "off-line" (traditional methods). We started with the need of starting an online business. The next step was to identify a probable niche that would bring our business to reality. This was followed by listing the types of businesses one could begin for profit. The last step detailed the concept of using your passion to build an online venture that could serve as a future career or satisfy that long felt urge of making your passion a true profession. The current article in this series will discuss the principal of using one's life experiences to build a viable business.

Life experiences or life's experiences does not necessarily mean that a person needs to be of mature age with decades and decades of working experience. To start one's own venture surely requires a great deal of experience and in this context the longer one has lived does matter. However, we imply that anyone and everyone gains experience by the day and is capable of considering these experiences as an integral part of their life achievements. It is the intensity of what you do (reflect on the earlier article on passion and profession) that matters more. Therefore let us understand that everything that we do adds to our strengths and experiences - and all can be used profitably in carving out a significant career. Let's go ahead with this principal in mind in order to build our future business.

What are the various steps one must take to integrate one's experiences and passions to weave a new online business that we can operate from the comfort of our own home? This could be the million dollar question however what you are about to read will certainly help illuminate the path leading to a satisfying lucrative future. Life experience is one of the best sources for inspiration as the popular phrase "Make your Knowledge Sell" will never abandon you. What we learn during our life from childhood to adolescence and then on to youth and middle age is bound to help us in our career as well as "online" business. Let us analyze the most important ways of converting our knowledge into money.

The single most important criteria for success is application and dedication or perseverance in what we do. Age surely matters as indicated earlier however the will to succeed takes precedence over all other factors. To start the process of using one's life's experience to our advantage requires analytical thinking and a composed mindset. Many instances can be cited in literature and you can find exceptional reviews about these "profiles in courage" but a few case histories illustrate the concept in a clear way. Most of the instances are from real life examples as applicable to many different career prospects. The following paragraphs therefore illustrate the thinking behind using life's experiences for starting useful business ideas. You can derive several corollaries to these instances and develop other conversion models more applicable to your circumstances.

What are the various "online" business opportunities one can begin based on life's experiences? The most obvious one would be to continue one's established profession or career tenure by starting a preliminary venture along with your current job. A few hours spent per day helps in establishing the venture so that after the gestation period you can spend more or full time on the online business. This is seen to be not a very easy method of "working from home" since a normal person has many liabilities of family, children etc. Still the career enhancement route is something one must evaluate as it is the easiest one to begin. Taking the cue from the foregoing a person can analyze the many outlets where life's experiences can be of value in an eventual business.

A self appraisal is always suggested since many times people do not directly comprehend their true inner strengths. This self analysis is very important and help can be taken from expert internet marketing friends or acquaintances to make the exercise more fruitful. For the younger generation it is recommended to trust and consult the elderly experienced group who in all probabilities possess the necessary time and energy to guide their young friends. This brings us to the topic of a consulting career that can be very effectively practiced on the Internet. Browsing websites that debate "money making opportunities" is always useful but a judicious choice of such sites is advocated to separate the useful from the non-professional information sites.

This takes us forward to the infopreneur on the Internet - a true constructive and lucrative profession that has gained immense importance and popularity in the "online" business world.

We earlier mentioned the concepts of making your knowledge sell. This can be of great value in developing a career or business on the Web. Everyone - and there is no exception - has knowledge of something or the other. You have to only probe into your inner self to locate and identify your strengths in fields of your profession, hobby, passion, and education. This should not be a difficult task. Look at these three instances for example:

A 50 year old financial assistant specialized in annual account preparation for the professional Chartered Accountant to process the financial statements of a pharmaceutical company. The life experience of John gave him good dividends in terms of job satisfaction and appreciation of his peers and bosses. However, the financial gains were not in line with the immense contribution he made to the company's accounts. John slowly started spending extra hours at home on a computer (first learning the use of a PC and then the various financial software packages etc) and found that his natural aptitude and life's experience in financial discipline helped him in quickly adapting the intricacies of his profession to the online world.

He took up small quick jobs outside of his regular tenure and picked up a number of clients who were looking for an affordable Account Analyst to prepare their initial accounts. The jobs kept coming in and today John is working full time at home, using the computer to process accounts for his diverse customers.

A techno-commercial engineer and applications development professional in synthetic materials had  experience of nearly 35 years in various countries of the world. His forte was not only the professional field but also communications and marketing. Consequently, he decided to make this gift of writing a career since he was always interested in developing communications in the companies he worked for over his working life. Starting modestly in the writing or "copy writing" field Henry persevered on a full time "work from home" career during the earlier days of the Internet. Making his knowledge sell in the art of communications helped him establish a self sustaining online business. What is most significant in this instance is that the knowledge gained from one's life experiences can be carefully directed for one's benefits and satisfaction.

Trading is one area where many can venture if they are able to identify one or more hobbies that is their passion or even a profession. In the category of trading we must discuss the retailing business as being the most comprehensible for almost all who are desirous of starting a home-based online business. Mark was a fishing enthusiast just as Ken happened to have golf as his hobby. Mark decided to leave his regular job at the age of 30 and began a small online retail store for fishing gear - especially tackle and "fly fishing" ancillaries. With a modest investment in a desktop and building a website with his web designer friends Mark initiated his online service of advising ardent fish enthusiasts of his life experience in the art of fishing etc. Gradually the online information business grew and today Mark is hardly able to actually go fishing because of his complete involvement as a consulting professional in tackle and fly fishing!

Life's experiences are useful commodities that could be termed more valuable investments and are more truly "riches" than any monetary accumulations. For that matter, they also help in evolving a profession "offline" in the hard business world - and you need not be a tycoon to succeed in what you know best - and what you can do best!

Whether you be a young enterprising person or a person who will be retiring soon, the concept of using one's life experiences will surely help in achieving your business goals, be they those derived from your passions and hobbies, or you career experiences.
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05. Using Your Life's Experiences To Build An Online Business.
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