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What Is Opt-In Email Marketing
Opt-In Email Marketing:
Have you ever wondered what "opt-in email marketing" is and how it compares to bulk e-mail marketing? Being a ‘newbie' to Internet marketing, and likely having limited funds, can leave entrepreneurs feeling lost in terms of marketing and they end up turning to extreme cost saving o...

Using the Internet to Help You Advertise Your Local Business
Using the Internet to Help You Advertise Your Local Business:
Are you a small business owner who runs a business in or around your place of residence? If you do, the business that you run may be referred to as a locally owned and operated business. Locally owned and operated businesses are often looked highly upon, as they tend to help local economies. Altho...

Some Clickbank Basics
Clickbank Basics:
You have to be somewhat in the know to even have heard the name "Clickbank" much less know what it is. This is funny because the truth is that Clickbank is far and away the largest internet marketplace for digital products and affiliates who want to sell them in the entire internet. That...

Successful Marketing Strategy for Your E-Book
Successful Marketing Strategy:
Your E-book deserves to be seen by everyone in your niche but unless you have an effective ebook internet marketing strategy no one will ever know about it. The difference between your E-book being great and being successful is your ability to get it in front of the people. Once you have the book ...

Reviewed Services For Small Businesses


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Interested in free promotion, free advertising, marketing or networking? Then AdLandPro is the right service for you. AdLandPro has been offering free and paid advertising services to small businesses since 1996. AdLandPro has the most complete and most affordable advertising solutions for small businesses and home entrepreneurs.

How it works:

You can do following on the AdLandPro site at no cost to you:
1. Place your free ads in AdLandPro classifieds and community pages ($2.50 value)

2. Place your free ads in AdLandPro Free Traffic Exchange (120,000 users) ($2.50 value )
3. Free subscription to our "Adland Digest" Newsletter ($5.00 per month value)
4. Obtain free leads for your business using the AdLandPro community system

Many small (mop and pop) and medium sized businesses make little or no effort to actually use and maintain their Web sites once they've been built. In fact, the majority of small business Web sites build them and forget them. With a little effort though, their online brochure could become the valuable resource they had originally hoped for.

More and more people are turning to the web to research and find products or services they are looking for. Where we once went first to the yellow pages or the newspaper classified ads we now turn to our favorite search engine for this information.

Just a few years ago one could easily submit their web site to all the major search engines. With the collapse of many of the original DOT.COM search engines, who offered their services for free, the remaining ones have evolved into a pay for listing service, either directly (pay to be added) or for the free listings interlaced with heavy advertisement. Some have become a hybrid of the old free search engines with premiere or paid listings positioned above those listings that were accepted for free.

Today to promote your web site you need to consider using both the free and the pay for inclusion services. For more information about the pay search engines please go here.

As I mentioned above you don't want to ignore the free search engines either. Today there are still dozens of them that will be of great service to your web sites marketing needs. Since there are so many it is often a good idea to get a little help with submitting to them. One such resource will assist you to Get Linked from over 9,500 sites with one click.  AdLandPro is a Web Promotion Service that has a wide variety of Free and Paid submission services.


You can earn a 20% commission on each service sold at AdLandPro and get extra exposure for your ad when you place a link to AdLandPro with your special ID. You also receive a top-of-page banner impression each time someone visits from your website. Each ad submitted will get you 5 impressions. Earn 20% on each service sold through your website. This is a free associate program with excellent advertising rewards.

Paid Keywords is an AdLandPro service which displays ads of participating members based on the value of the ad.  They offer a list of 2550 keywords and you select one which applies to the page where you want to place the ads.  You choose how many ads you wish to display, ranging from 1 to 20, and the system will generate html code with your affiliate ID embedded.

Every time an ad displayed on your site is clicked on, you as an affiliate will earn commission based on the price of the click. You can pick more keywords to add to the mix if you wish or place different keywords blocks on separate pages.

When someone purchases a service from AdLandPro through your special ID, you can earn 20%-25% commission on each purchase and get extra exposure for your ad.  Drive traffic to AdLandPro and you'll be paid $5US per 1,000 credits plus $2US per 1,000 credits generated by affiliates you sponsor.

Visitors who click your link and join as members of AdLandPro become your referrals.  You earn 20% commission on any services they purchase or subscribe to for as long as they remain subscribed.

Free members are allowed 3 ads per day to a max of 20 ads in the system under your account. This has recently been improved on, with unlimited number of ads per month.   AdLandPro displays newer ads ahead of the older ads, sliding down the page and then from page to page until it drops off the end.  You can renew, modify or change your ads and resubmit them.

Placing the ads in your free account (and anywhere else you can place them without spamming) is the start to becoming familiar with the processes of promotion at AdLandPro - and the beginning of exposure to reliable services which you can market and earn from.

Free members are allowed 3 ads per day to a max of 20 ads in the system under your account. This has recently been improved on, with unlimited number of ads per month.   AdLandPro displays newer ads ahead of the older ads, sliding down the page and then from page to page until it drops off the end.  You can renew, modify or change your ads and resubmit them.

Affiliate Programs Details
Cost to Join:        FREE
Base commission:    20%-25%
Commission type:    CPS
Payment method:    Check
Payment threshold:    $35
Payment frequency:    Monthly

My Review:

There are alternatives to the mighty Google. While Google is a company with all the characteristics of a company AdLandPro is a more a Co-Op, which means it is composed of its members and is driven by its members.

For the newbie who usually has little or no advertising budget, joining AdLandPro for Free as an affiliate is one way to enjoy free promotion and free advertising services.

The AdLandPro Community is great for learning and researching marketing or networking. You can get a Free subscription to the "Adland Digest" Newsletter and follow, or join discussions, to learn more about marketing and promotions. Plus you can get free leads for your business by joining in and using the AdLandPro community system.

I’ve been with Adland Pro for over eight years and it’s one of the biggest and oldest social networking and advertising sites on the internet today (they have been around over 12 years, longer than most other internet companies.), and it’s stood the test of time. I’ve used it to build relationships and to provide support for clients and customers for the last several years and I’ve found it to be supportive, user friendly and very ethical. So I would like to recommend you to do the same. Get Linked from over 9,500 sites with one click.

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