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Free Keyword Research Tools to Find Your Niche
List of Free Keyword Research Tools That Will Help You Find Your Niche:
Defining some terms: From Wikipedia the definition of keyword is: An index term, subject term, subject heading, or descriptor, in information retrieval, is a term that captures the essence of the topic of a document. When someone wants to find something related to his problem or question, he...

Boosting Traffic Through Social Networking
Boosting Traffic Through Social Networking:
It is observed that about a third of online internet traffic is due to people going to social networking sites than visiting any other websites. This can also show that the use of social networking can definitely boost your website traffic. Using social networking and the internet, people can...

Some Steps On Finding Freebies to Add to Your e-Book
How to find free bonuses to add with your e-Book:
Those of us who regularly shop on line are familiar with the array of free gifts, free bonuses and just plain freebies that are offered to a visitor to a web site to encourage them to buy. How could you collect, select and offer free gifts, which will be valued as much as the original merchandise ...

Internet Marketing Services - Learn To Outsource
Learning To Outsource Can Jump Start Your Internet Marketing Services:
There are many different types of internet marketing services on the Internet. As a business owner, you must learn to outsource. Let's take a look at outsourcing link building. Numerous new online business owners, especially those who do not own a whole lot of Internet Marketing background, h...

Reviewed Services For Small Businesses

Get Google Ads For Free System By Dr. Jon Cohen II, MD

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Get Google Ads For Free System By Dr. Jon Cohen II, MD.

Get Google Ads Free teaches you how you can advertise on Google AdWords (or any PPC) for ZERO cost.

The author, Dr. Jon Cohen II, MD, says that he has achieved more that $87 million in free ads since he began this process, and over $12 million of that in the last year alone. This intrigued me. Actually, I became very curious, how does Dr. Cohen DO that?

The first twenty or so pages of his ebook is a sales letter and is very hypey. However, this hype made me curious. By nature I am a very curious person. I really wanted to know how Dr. Cohen was achieving such enormous amounts of free advertising.

Without giving anything away, the ebook does offer a viable plan. The system is NOT blackhat, it’s not illegal and it won’t get you banned from any search engines. Also, the plan should work for pretty much any niche as long as it’s reasonably competitive. However, the plan is NOT without risk, you are required to seed your PPC account with real money before the “free clicks” start coming in.

Does this program really fulfill the claims made in the sales letter? I believe it does, because it explain's how you can make your Google advertising effectively free.

I haven't heard of any other way to get free advertising with Google so I was willing to see what the author says. After all, it has been selling by the bucket load on Clickbank for some time now.

The 'secret' strategy, after a dozen or so pages of hype, is revealed in the very first section of the book. After that the book expands on the basic idea and gives practical tips for putting the secret to work for list building, making money without selling a product, using the secret with newsletters and so on.

The secret to Get Google Ads Free is in getting others to advertise on your website. This is similar to what newspapers have been doing for a long time. People are renting space to put a banner on your website with the promise they are going to be viewed frequently because you will be in the top ten on the Google search engine for the keyword you have selected. The system works for pretty much every PPC – Not Just Google.

Without giving away too much of the 'secret', the main idea is to buy Adwords PPC to generate traffic to a website where your website contains banner and text ads for other websites that you are reselling. In theory the combined sales of these ads will off set your PPC costs.

Dr. Jon goes into some detail to show you how to find and attract these prospective advertisers. Since I am not an internet marketer myself, I didn't realize that there is an entire industry of services that will help you make your site available for advertising and help link you up with them and manage the ad campaigns once they are started.  Pretty nifty stuff.

Since you collect money from these advertisers, if you collect more than you spend, your Google ads are then effectively free. Plus you may very well end up with a profit where all the resold ads are netting you more than your PPC costs.

Remember that you are at the same time selling your own product or service from this web site so you will benefit from the increased traffic you got for free by increased sales and you can pocket the difference in your PPC costs and the income from the resold ads. That's what I call a double Whammy!

Duh! The light bulb went on. I for one, felt like a dunce! Why hadn't I thought of this, it seems so obvious, or simple enough to at least try.

Before getting your advertising for free, you actually have to spend some seeding money to buy that starting advertising in the first place. Then attempt to recoup that cost later by selling ads on your landing page. While, in theory, this can work, it is a strategy that only adventurous people should attempt because successfully selling your ads is not guaranteed and you could easily be left with a big AdWords bill and no revenue to cover it.

This plan is also NOT a "point shoot and forget it" process. You will need web pages and web copy and of course, testing is always involved, whether it’s testing your ads or your landing pages etc.

It isn't ground breaking, but it is a twist on a very old idea that I haven't seen described online before. I can see no reason not to try it out.

The startup time should be reasonably quick as long as you can build a decent looking web page (a blog would work fine for this) and as long as you can write some reasonably compelling ad copy, you ought to be up and running within three to five days.

Is the plan 100% guaranteed to work? No and it’s not for the faint of heart either. As I said earlier, you are required to shell out some PPC cash to get this started and if you’re not seeing any immediate success, I can imagine that it could start to get pretty scary. However, if you’re okay about taking risks, then this may just be the right plan for you.

People who already own a website that's drawing traffic to it will benefit the most from using Get Google Ads Free as it will be a little easier to implement initially, however the program will also teach you how to start up your own website for less than $20.

Beyond this "Secret", Get Google Ads Free does have some good chapters on affiliate marketing, keyword research and writing ad copy. So if you never actually attempt to use this system to get Free Google advertising you can still learn about various marketing techniques.

Whatever you decide, I hope my Get Google Ads Free review has helped you to make a more informed decision about this program and you can generate considerable success by using it!

Finally, keep in mind that there is a 100% money back guarantee on the ebook. If the plan is not for you, simply contact the seller and your money will be promptly returned.

Work Hard and Prosper.

Happy Trails!

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Get Google Ads For Free System By Dr. Jon Cohen II, MD

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