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Selling Your Ebooks on the Net Is Easy and Profitable
Selling Your Ebooks on the Net Is Easy and Profitable:
If you are creative and have a flair for writing in an effective manner, you can make money by writing and then selling your ebooks on the internet. There is no doubt that hard copies also sell, but to write and then to find a publisher on easy terms is not that easy. Again, because of the cost in...

In Just 3 Steps Your Hobby Becomes an Online Money Making Opportunity
Here Are 3 Steps For Online Money Making Opportunities You With Your Hobby:
When I first started looking for ways to make online money, I was assured that all I had to do was find something I was passionate about. I thought about my hobbies and passions. But I couldn't envision turning any of them into an online money making opportunity. But, being a diligent student...

What is The Life Style of an Affiliate Marketer?
A Preview of the Life Style of an Affiliate Marketer:
Being in the affiliate marketing business is not that hard now with the internet at your disposable. It is much easier now compared to the days when people have to make use of the telephones and other mediums of information just to get the latest updates on the way their program is coming along. ...

Getting Website Traffic - Best Kept Secret
Getting Website Traffic - Best Kept Secret:
It is a daunting task and even intimidating for some small websites. To get people to visit your website is not easy. There are a lot to consider and a number of things to do about them. Do not fret though. These helpful tips will get you up and running and start hauling some serious website traff...

Custom WebSite Content Management System

Trafficgateway Website Content Management Program

Just arrive on Site? You might want to start here:

These programs, sometimes called, review or critique web sites or Information/Opinion sites are a powerfull marketing tool for directing traffic to your product/target web site. In the past when you spent all your time, effort and money marketing a particular web site/product, and for whatever reason, you needed to discontinue marketing that site (or market another one) you lost all your past marketing efforts in getting your product site indexed by the major search engines. Just to start it all over again for your new web site/product.

No More! Unlike other marketing tools this program is re useable traffic gateway. Meaning that you do all your marketing to the Information/Opinion site. Then whenever you want to re point your traffic to your new web site/product you make the switch with your Marketing Traffic Flow Gateway. With the flick of a switch all your traffic is now directed to your new destination/target web site(s) with the new "Call-To-Action" promotion links.

And if that was not power enough, there is one important side effect from this process. Your target site has been indexed in it's own right by the search engines. So when you are no longer focusing your Marketing Traffic Flow Gateway towards that site, that site does not stop getting traffic! It now gets it's own traffic based on the content that you have in that site and it's own indexing in the Search Engines. Remember those top three reasons search engines and web visitors (read clients) like a web site is 1. content!, 2. content! and 3. content!

Recently the Information/Opinion site has become popular for writing reviews or critiques of popular internet business  opportunity and money making programs. But Information/Opinion sites are not limited to this narrow usage. They can be used much more powerfully as an information site. One of the keys to success for internet marketing of your business  is to make your web site a destination. People spend a lot of time searching the internet for information. When they find a site that has a lot of information in the topic they are interested in they stop searching and look around, if you have an Information/Opinion web site such as the one available here. You will find that they not only stop and look around but they also participate in the site by providing information based on their own experiences (Lesson's Learned). Before you know it your site has grown with little or no effort of your own (after the initial effort of populating your site with information), thanks to your site visitors contributions.

Each of these relevant content pages (information/opinion) will have your "Call-to-Action" sales link on it to point your visitors to your product/opportunity web site. Gather traffic then focus the traffic by directing it to your product/opportunity web site! And when ready with the flick of a switch you can redirect that stream of traffic to a new product/opportunity web site. Like Magic! All of your previous marketing efforts and investment are not lost but fully working for your new product/opportunity web site. And your previous product/opportunity web site is now standing on it's own attracting the traffic it earned by being indexed by the Search Engines!

The Information/Opinion Site gives you the ability to add new programs within a category and edit them yourself. Additionally, you can also add new categories yourself at any time through your web site control panel. In theory you can add dozens of categories to your web site. The only limitation will be when you decide your web sites category menu system is too large. Within each of these categories you can add hundreds of topic/information pages. You will be able to allow the public to add comments to each of your Information/Opinion pages. These comments are part of the Magic of this program. This allows you to have your visitors contribute content to your web site. Remember what search engines thrive on 1. content!, 2. content! and 3. content!.

And last but certainly not the least. You will have the ability to have a different "Call-to Action" link for each category. Each of which you can point and re-point at will. You can have them all target one product or you can target as many different products as you have categories!

Please Note: All pages created using the CMS (Content Management System) with these programs are real web pages with real files. Your web pages will all have their own unique file name such as:

And will NOT have a dynamic URL like:

See three different applications of the Information/Opinion Program:

Example one ProgramCritique.com
(The Oldest and Largest. This site has over 5,000 real web pages with every page controlled by the site owner and not his webmaster!),

and Example Two bcaconstructionscams.com

Example three OnlyCritiques.com is another site by the owner of Programcritque.com.

With the Information/Opinion Site you can add/update the opinion/information pages yourself. This way you have no ongoing costs paying WWWHelper to do the web site additions and modifications for your information/opinion pages.

The most important features the Information/Opinion site provides is the ability for the public to rate and add comments for all your information/opinions. As I described elsewhere, having the public help you to add content to your web site is a very important feature. Remember, there are 3 important features of your web site that Search Engines consider when ranking your web site: 1. content!, 2. content! and 3. content! By the way did I mention how important web page content is?

This demo website also comes with access to the Content Management System and Site Admin. Please Contact Ray for the Username and Password to access the Content Management System.

Features Included:

  • Web Content Management System. Add/Edit All Site Pages, Sub Categories and Category Pages and Edit/Remove Public Comments
  • Add New Categories Yourself
  • Set what type of category the new category is. A review/critique, an article, a product page, etc.
  • Let The Public Add Comments To Each Sub Category web page, review, article etc.
  • Edit and customize all Page Titles, Meta Description's and Meta Keyword's for all Site Pages, Site Review's, and Public Comment's
  • In addition to your site visitors ability to suggest content (a new review/critique) all searches conducted on your web site are counted so you will see which is the most popular and which are less popular. With this you can see what your visitors are looking for and if you don't already have a web page covering the popular searches you will know which ones need adding. This is a powerful new tool to make your web site relevant to what your visitors come to see on your website.
  • Syndicate your Site Reviews and Public Comments with RSS Feeds.
  • Dynamic Word/Phrase Replacement in all content pages (Site Pages, Review Pages, and Public Comments Pages). Turn your web site into a dynamic link exchanger or inside web page content ad machine. You can designate specific words or phrases within each Information/Opinion page to display an ad or message. This is done dynamically, which means you choose which words/phrases you want to have an ad/message for and the content of your ad/message and instantly through out your Information/Opinion web site, every page where that word/phrase exists, it will be a link that when clicked by the visitor will display that ad/message.
  • New!   A WeBlog or Blog. Unlike many other Blog systems where the Blog is actually located off site enhancing that web sites search engine optimization benefits. This program will be integrated into your web site. Specifically, each Blog entry will have it's own real web page and each public comment for each of your Blog entries will also have a real web page. This is important because it will contribute to the number of pages your web site has, increasing your sites exposure to the Search Engines and spiderability of your web site by the Search Engines! To see a working version of this Blog system visit Have Web Sites Will Travel
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