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03. Example List Of Businesses You Could Start
List of Businesses That You Can Start And Run. This List Includes Both Online And Offline Businesses:
The below list is by no means the definitive list but should be enough, hopefully, to get your imagination going. I wanted to show you this list before proceeding to the next series of article's where we will disover what you need to consider before selecting your niche. A B C D E F G H ...

14. Building Your Online Business Website Part 4
Do You Want To Know What A Web 2.0 Web Site Is? And Why Should You Build A Web 2.0 Web Site?:
What is Web 2.0? Web 2.0 does not imply technological changes in the World Wide Web but in fact the manner in which it connects people and allows them to play an active role in the development and determination of web content. The Web 2.0 reduces the distinction between the producers and the cons...

02. Now That You Have Decided To Start An Online Business, Now What? You Need A Niche Of Course!
You Need A Niche Business! Let me explain why, in these times you need to have a business within a narrow and defined niche.:
The fact that you are reading this article suggests you already possess a very important quality necessary in starting an online business, an Interest or desire. Better yet would be a passion! Now lets turn that interest to focus on your choosing the right business to start. I won't be able to ...

06. Crunch Time, Self Evaluation, Should You?
Should You Start An Online Business? Things To Reconsider Before You Do:
You have finally decided to take the inevitable plunge and go in for an online business to begin a new career. It is great to take this step by applying your life's experiences and your passion for doing what you always wanted to do. Frankly, your subconscious mind and aptitude considered all pros...

Web Services

The Web Helper provides a wide array of WWW services and resources to help you achieve your Internet goals. We offer the following website creation, hosting and misc. services designed to meet different needs and budgets:

  • Order Your Domain Name:Order and Manage your domain names.
  • Custom Content Management (CMS) System: This unique CMS system allows you to create an unlimited number of web pages without knowing any HTML code. Additionally, this system is extremely search engine friendly where you have the ability to edit every pages title, description, keywords and of course the content.
  • PHP and MySQL Programming Services: The Web Helper has been a freelance PHP programmer for over 9 years and will accept custom PHP Programming services on a case by case basis with the primary criteria that the project is unique. The Web Helper now only accepts challenging and unique projects. The Web Helper prefers not to program the same thing all the time. So if you have a unique project consider having The Web Helper take your project on.
  • Website Hosting Services: Already have your own web pages? Consider hosting with The Web Helper. I provide a number of hosting plans. Our plans range from the first time web user to the full service Webmaster who wants to host others using their own servers.
  • Miscellaneous Web Services
    • Web Site Promotion: Once your site has been placed on the Internet you have just begun. Now you need to get your web site listed in as many search engines as you can. Check out this Web Site Promotion service which will help you promote your Web Site at economical prices, and if you are willing to do a lot of the work yourself, for FREE.
    • Maintenance Services: Once your site has been placed on the Internet you may need to keep it updated on a regular basis. Our maintenance services will help you update your Web Site at economical prices.
    • Optional Web Hosting Add-Ons: Customize your website with the addition of our optional features. Created by our knowledgeable Technicians, these Optional Web Hosting Add-Ons bring interactivity to your WWW presence.
    • Optional WebDesign Add-Ons: Customize your website with the addition of our optional features. Created by our knowledgeable Technicians, these Optional Web Design Add-Ons bring interactivity to your WWW presence.
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